July 9, 2014

My District taking a picture on the Fourth of July

My District taking a picture on the Fourth of July

View from my room in the MTC (England)

View from my room in the MTC (England)

Another great week has passed at the MTC! Time is really flying by. The new sisters are pretty cool and we have one from Sweden and another from Holland with us. We have started doing a zone prayer (which means all the sisters here pray together) and it is awesome. You never know what language a sister might pray in. Sometimes English, German, Swedish, Italian or whatever their native or new tongue may be. It is truly an amazing experience. Our district also took a stress management class this week. It was much needede- trying to learn German and teach people in German and talk in German on Sunday- but it was also really fun. Our teacher first took 6 of us who were available down to the cafeteria and told us to get spaced out so we could ”lift an elephant”, yes an imaginary elephant. So he says find your elephant and we all do and then squat to lift it up. The teacher got really into it and said you have to lift it in two parts like you would a really heavy weight. At this point all 6 of us are laughing really hard. Then the teacher lifts the ”elephant” above his head and we all hear something break. It was his pants. He shouted ”oh no I’ve ripped my pants” and the 6 missionaries just lost it laughing so hard. I don’t know if that’s how he meant us to releive stress but we were definitely less stressed after watching our teacher do something embarrassing! After that we headed back to class and had the real stress management course with the other 2 missionaries who were busy before.

Another noteworthy thing that happened this week was the 4th of July! Our whole disrict (yes, even my awesome sport of a companion who is Australian) dressed in red, white and blue. WE sang patriotic songs all day, went outside during our personal time to pledge the allegiance and were generally patriotic throughout the day, drawing pictures of the flag on the whiteboard and saying ”Merica” a lot. Our teachers were sports, but still hilariously annoyed by the celebration. The chefs at dinner themed the dinner for the holiday and made us barbeque chicken with potatoes and then applie pie and iced cream for dessert. Everyone is so unbeleivably nice here and I really love it!

Sunday, always everyone’s favorite day, we had a fast and it was surprisingly nice. I know that I was blessed because I felt amazing all day, even without food. I was nevery even hungry. Blessings come to the sincere and heart and to the obedient. That is true! One of our lessons on sunday was about the ”eye single” missionary- or a missionary who is totally focused on their purpose. The MTC President taught it and told us some great stories about great examples of missionaries. One missionary companionship had to cut across a field to get home safely and were surpised to find that it was an air base for the African country there were serving in! The police surrounded them and took them captive. After several phone calls, the missionaries were told they could go. One elder refused to leave without teaching them about the gospel and all of the police members later joined the church and look back on that day as a great blessing. They have all come into so many blessings after finding their faith. I know that God finds a way for his missionaries!
Why be a missionary if I’m not going to dedicate myself to the work? I definitely love to do this work and am defintely completely focused on the work.

the pictures are of my district trying to take a fourth of july picture and of my view from my room 🙂

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