Monday, September 8…..I get to stay with Sister Harman for 7 more weeks in Munich! YEAH!

Beautiful City!

Beautiful City!

Sister Smith and Sister Harman

Sister Smith and Sister Harman

awesome companions!  Sister Harman with Sister Smith

awesome companions! Sister Harman with Sister Smith

SS 012

I love my mission!

I love my mission!

SS 014-2SS 028SS 018

BMW factory

Hahaha!  Sister Harman at the BMW factory

Hahaha! Sister Harman at the BMW factory

The new Mini!

The new Mini!

Rainy day!  she's all bundled up

Rainy day! she’s all bundled up

SS 004-2

An elder at the BMW factory

An elder at the BMW factory

SS 024SS 001-2

beautiful place

beautiful place

Sister Smith and Sister Harman

Sister Smith and Sister Harman

SS 021

Hey all,

This week was amazing, as usual! Transfer calls came and went and… SURPRISE I get to stay in Munich with the lovely Sister Harman!! I’m super happy about that!

Our ward is awesome and the miracle story from last week, S, continues. He called us late on Thursday and we had already started heading home to make our curfew, but he was at the church again and just wanted to learn more. We panicked a little because we knew he just wanted the gospel, so we called the international elders, who we had heard were at the church and asked them if they could please teach him, even though our investigator knew we wouldn’t be there. So, they said they’d keep an eye out for him if he did choose to stop by anyways. We got a call later that night and they were so excited because they had an AMAZING lesson with him. They had answered all of his questions and S said he would love to be baptized once he knew it was true. Then he called us and said he’d love to go to church with us on Sunday as we had previously invited him. He showed up, but was late and accidentally went to the other ward that meets in our building! He still got to get the full 3 hours of church in and the elders in the first ward told us he bore an AMAZING testimony of how his girlfriend dumped him and how he feels he is on the path of truth and all kinds of amazing miracle things. This kid is so cool. He then went to the Sunday night devotional with the Elders in our ward and we get to teach him some more this week. Oh the miracles of the Lord! Missionary work is the best!

We have another investigator who is also making incredible progress. She came with us to an all-day JAE (young adult) activity at the old Olympic park (from when the olympics were in Munich). We saw a sea-life exhibit, hiked up a hill made of rubble from world war two and is now covered with greenery, and we taught all the JAE’s a short lesson through games and had a really lovely time!

We are also making great progress with less actives this week we already have a few appointments made out to visit and help some ladies out! Oktoberfest is fast approaching and the city is ready for it.

In other exciting news, this week we have the Women’s broadcast and we get to go watch it in Solln (the area where the mission home is). That should be an awesome evening and we are hoping to have a lot of people join us!
Plus it’s been warm and sunny the past few days! YAAAYYYY

As always the food is great, the people are amazing and the work is incredible.

Mit Leibe,

Sister Smith

Last Monday Brooke got to tour the BMW factory with her district since it was their P-day.  She sent great pictures, I will post those are well when I figure out how to get them individually out of her drop box!  LOL  

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